About the RPS - Earthworks Module

The RPS Earthworks Module provides a work process management system for earthmoving operations including

  • Large scale Cut to Fill Earthworks operations
  • Grading and Trimming operations
  • Backfill and Capping operations

The RPS Earthworks module is built upon a Work Orders concept. A Work Order is a Task or Job to be completed. The Work Order defines the existing conditions or starting point for the process, the design to be built (surface model) and an optional capping surface model for backfill operations.

The work order also includes a boundary that limits all of the data reports and dashboards to results that occur within the boundary.

The difference between the starting point and the design and or capping surface defines the cut and fill quantities required to complete the work order.

The process is continuously monitored through use of GCS900 machine generated data (TAG Files) that are returned to the system every few minutes from the machines executing the Work Order. The TAG files are consumed by the “Raptor Production Server” and stored in a multi-dimensional database that can be mined by the RPS - Earthworks system for the results and progress of the Work Order.

Any number of Work Orders can be created and managed by the RPS - Earthworks system. Work Orders can be created directly in the browser based system or through the Trimble Business Center application (TBC) using specifically created commands.

D_EarthworksWebApp_600ppi RPS - Earthworks Website Command

This command makes a direct connection to the RPS - Earthworks website from within the TBC application.
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D_EarthworksWorkorders_600ppi RPS - Earthworks Work Orders Command

This command provides the tools to create and manage Work Orders from within the TBC application.
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