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Tools to know in AutoCAD (For AutoCAD dummies!)

Multi Leader Line Objects

TBC does not currently support the Multi-Leader line object. If you have AutoCAD and can open the DWG in AutoCAD to make changes to the file do the following

  • At the command line type LAYISO Enter and then select the layer on which the multi leader objects reside. This will isolate the layer for these objects
  • Now Select all of the visible data by drawing a window around it
  • At the command line type X Enter to Explode the selected data objects

This converts the Multileader line objects to block references. You can now save the file as a DWG File and then import that DWG file into TBC and you should be able to see the Block References. You can then exploded the blocks in TBC to get at the text and lines embedded in the blocks.

I have also found that if I open the DWG in MicroStation and save it as a DGN file this also gives me the same result and I get Text not Block References as well. So if you have MicroStation that may also be a better solution and then import the DGN into TBC.

Proxy Graphics

In Civil3D you can create Civil 3D only objects that are not compatible with native AutoCAD (without Civil 3D). The objects are still stored in the AutoCAD DWG file but AutoCAD will ignore them.

In AutoCAD / Civil3D if you type ProxyGraphics at the command line followed by 1 Enter and then save the DWG file, Civil3D objects are then saved as Proxy Graphics Objects. e.g. an Alignment is not an AutoCAD object, so its proxy graphics object is a polyline or a 3D line - so once the variable above is set to 1 (=On) then the non native AutoCAD objects will be saved as a proxy graphic alternative. This can help get access to some of the Civil3D objects in a native CAD DWG file that TBC can do more with.




If you have AutoCAD Tips to help others get more out of an AutoCAD file please post on the forum what you know so we can add the comments for the benefit of all our userbase.