Best Fit Rectangle

Its pretty common for me to create a simple rectangle to simplify grading around a building pad. This is quite time consuming on designs with multiple pads like a subdivision. It would be nice to have a command that would allow you to grab a set of lines and then click the interior point that would create a rectangle. The icing on the cake would be to apply an offset at the same time.

Offset vertically or laterally or both (for lay backs or footings)

You could do this reasonably quickly by using the 3 point rectangle to get the width and then use grips to get the length as you need it - if we were to write a command that did this and the offsets and elevations I guess it would look like this

Pick line 1 2 3 4 (defines the 4 sides
Enter the rectangle elevation
Enter the rectangle layer
Enter a lateral offset and select inside / outside
Create second rectangle Y/N
Enter a vertical offset above or below the first rectangle
Use the RPS non vertical offset setting to nudge the second rectangle in a touch
Do it
Loop to line selection

I assume that the 2nd rectangle and offsets may be common so want to be outside the loop process or set sticky so don’t ask each pass through for them

Rectangle created by trimming / extending the selected four line segments to their intersections

Is this what you need?


I think that is close. I will play with the 3 point rectangle to see haw quick that is. I am looking for a way to do it with out a lot of breaking and joining lines.

There is one thing that SOUNDS great to me, allowing create point with FXL code to be used in TBC. I have not tried this, there is a control line that maybe an option. I know I know TBC is a lines program, just seeing point/nodes is a good visual at times.