Build Surface - Set Keyboard Key to rebuild

Could there be a TML that would allow us to create a list of surfaces that we could then set to rebuild on queue. I would then want to be able to set this command to a keyboard shortcut. This way as I am making edits to my surfaces, the rebuild is stagnant but once I get done I can run a rebuild to true everything up.

I use the rebuild takeoff surfaces today which works great for my workflow but I would like to be able to open this up for different phases or surfaces.

That is my workflow too, and I really like your idea.

This would be a nice feature to have.

There is a Rebuild Surface and Rebuild Contours commands
use F12 and type Rebuild, i have added them to my custom ribbon.

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Thanks Ron. I have used this before but the downside with this is you must have the surface selected in order to execute which I normal don’t so then I either have to navigate to project explorer and select the surface or turn on the surface and select.