Convert Point Blocks to Points

Does anyone have a workflow on converting Point blocks to points? I constantly get these from Carlson and it is a pain because then you cannot use some of the smart tools like auto join to create linework.

The convert point blocks to 3D points doesn’t seem to work and it is probably because off layers being of which you wouldn’t know until you imported the file in to TBC.

This seems like a prime candidate for a TML allowing you to choose layer of point, layer of point number, layer of elevation and layer of description/feature code.

Point Blocks.dxf (82.5 KB)

Not sure really what you are saying here Pat

When you import the DXF file using the Import command it offers you the choice to convert Point Blocks to 3D points and if I select that I get 3D points at each location - those points are CAD points.

What is the issue that you are saying doesn’t work?

If I open the file you shared in AutoCAD - the data looks exactly as it does in TBC - Circle and bits of text - I dont see any Point Blocks in the file in AutoCAD


It is how Carlson/AutoCAD creates point blocks I believe. They create these points as actual blocks and they don’t convert into TBC.

It would be great if we could get a TML that would allows us to select point block, set the layers for id, elevation and description and this would then create points in TBC. Perhaps with the options to add a prefix to the point id as well. Sort of similar to create points from spot elevations.

Here is a similar situation where this would have been useful:
Points From Blocks - User Q & A (Post Here) - MyRockpile Community.

In this case the user was just looking for elevation so we were able to come up with a relatively easy work around uses convert spot grades to point but this does not retain id or description, just elevation.