Corridor Side Slope Cut/Fill Entry

Got a strange question here. Within the corridor module using the side slope instruction. I used to put a positive ratio for the cut and fill boxes. Now I have to put a negative in front of the fill number.

For example: Cut Slope 3:1 Fill Slope -3:1

Does anyone know how I can change that back to how I remember it working? It’s defiantly not a big issue. It was something I just noticed today and found it strange.

Project settings>Computations>Corridor>Honor sign of tie slope=no


You got my job here Erik!



Eriks answer is correct - I changed that for my way of working - really helpful when modeling Subgrades using sideslopes - I now only do negative Fill slopes - the setting also allows you to do +/- Cut or Fill Slopes which is handy at times - yes they do exist!