Create site calibration from points - export to earthworks

Hi all,

I have a list of points I have imported into my project. I want to use these imported points as the coordinate system for the project. I need the plant running earthworks to use the imported points as the site calibration. The job is set to Metre and grid at the moment.

I have experience Creating a Job site > design and using the standard UK Zone and Geoid models but I’m new to using a site calibration based from a list for points I have imported.

Can anyone help me with the process?
Thank you.

Nick, are these points that were collected in the field and have global data associated with them?

If this is the case you would go to the Survey tab and open the Site Calibration command. This is where you can pair the field shots with the points created in the office with the given information from the plans.
Once that is complete, hit calculate, then you have the ability to tighten up the calibration by looking to see if the point are within tolerance horizontally and vertically. You’ll have the option to Ignore the point completely, keep only the horizontal only or the vertical only. Keep in mind that you’ll need to hold good geometry in regards to making sure you have good coverage around your project both vertically and horizontally.
Once you’ve ensured everything is good you hit calculate again and then apply to lock in the calibration.

When you’re ready to go through this and you need some help, let me know and we can get on a video chat and go through it.


Hi Chris,
Thank you for the info, I have managed to work through the issue now. I appreciate your input and help.


Yes sir. Happy to help.

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