Creating a Drawing of 3D Points as a Profile against an Alignment

In the video below we show you how to create a drawing that plots 3D point coordinates against an alignment as a profile drawing,

The process steps include

  • Creating an alignment
  • Importing point data
  • Running the RPS Point Detail Report to output the points as Station, Offset, Elevation along with Layer Name, Point ID and Feature Code
  • Creating an Import Script to read the Station, Offset and Elevation data as Easting, Northing and Elevation
  • Creating an alignment for the drawing requirements
  • Labeling the alignment with stations / chainage values
  • Labeling the points with point symbols for drawing purposes
  • Creating a drawing sheet using a Sheet Template and Dynaview

Here is the start point - the alignment and the point data

Here is the end result in plan view

Here is the final drawing sheet

Here is the video showing the entire work process