Creating Utility Linework and Trench Bottoms

I had a good discussion this week with a new RPS user relating to creating 3D Linework for Excavators for Utility lines (elevated to Invert levels at structures) and then creating a trench base surface model at a vertical and lateral offset to the pipe inverts the width of the planned excavator bucket - to give the site staff the model elements needed to execute

I showed the user how to use create points command to drop 3D points at the invert locations of all the pipe linework and then use Elevate Lines using points to create VPIs on the utility lines at those point locations - this is quicker than using the edit linestring command or any other available method at this time.

Then I showed them how to use the sideslope command to create templates for different vertical offsets from invert (accounting for stone depth and pipe wall thickness) and at lateral offsets to create left and right side of the trench base - and then how to use the Copy No Edit method to apply the templates to all the utility lines - then with a small amount of cad cleanup at the end - you can create a network of lines that can then be made into a surface model for all the trench network that can accompany the 3D lines of the pipes for the excavators to work to.

So two tips here - create points and then use the elevate lines using points command to create the 3D Utility Lines and then use the Create Sideslope command to build the trench bases quickly

Sideslope also allows you to build the trench sides and lay backs to existing or design as needed - it is a great / fast tool well underused for modeling purposes

Take a look - will post a video here next week