Cut Fill Mapping Export to CAD

Hi Guys,

I’ve been playing with the Cut Fill mapping which is OK but could be better. Forgetting the transition shading as this could be tricky - it would be nice to be able to assign no colour to a band i.e. +0.1 to -0.1 making that band transparent. Our client then wants these cut fill polygons in a dxf file to overlay in their own CAD package so it would be great to then export these results to a dxf or simililar.
I’m sure I can do it using depth contours and manually shading but I think it would be slow going.

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Haven’t tried but a couple of ideas:

  • explode?
  • print pdf of just map that they could use as an underlay

Yep, I’ve been using the Capture command to grab a hi resolution screen shot of the shaded map as a JPEG. Have to set the background to white first. Then I’ve just been manually positioning this in ACAD as a raster image. Works ok but it’s a bit fiddly.

Explode doesn’t work as the rendered map is really just a shaded surface, not vector polygons.

Thanks for the suggestions.