Dallas - PUG - Discussion & Feedback

We would appreciate your feedback on how the PUG session is going.

How do you like the format of the meeting?
Do you like the new commands?
Are there any features you would like us to add to the commands?
Any ideas for new commands?



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Could Rockpile create a command to place and scale an image copied to copied to a “clip board”?

Also, could Rockpile create a command to save/export/import individual user-created toolbars?



Could Rockpile create an exporter for Topcon TP3 Motor Control files? We often need to convert to TP3 for rental equipment.

Yesterday we had another user ask if we could convert a TP3 to a .cal file. If Topcon office can convert the TP3 to a .txt file, then we could import it into TBC and write out a Trimble rover and machine calibration file.