Does Trimble Business Centre have the option to Reference Projects from a different project? Or a different VCL?

I have a user who has up to 7 or more data prep users working on one project, which all work on different parts of the project at the same time.

Does Trimble Business Centre support multiple users working a project?
Right now, users are exporting VCL files to a folder location where they save it and then others will access the file, problem is that other users may have already updated the original file, so by the time the 2nd user opens the VCL, they may not have the updated VCL file.

Example of this is like the Reference File Manager in Terramodel, where you have PROJECT 1 and PROJECT 2 and are able to reference the data from each other.

That isn’t possible with TBC today, but they should take a look at using Quadri as a central data server and then open a new project and import the data packages from Quadri (one source of truth) that they need for the task in hand - so rather than sharing files they share data through a central data server.

Trimble has not given me access to Quadri yet so I cannot comment on how well it works or how well it supports TBC data objects at this stage, but this was meant to be the future when I was at Trimble. This approach should be way better than reference files because then you only have one data source, not copies of files that you have no idea what is in them until you open them, and then people open their version and change something and now everyone is out of sync again - the central server is a stronger solution by far provided it works well.