Elevation Markups on DOT Sheets

We get asked about construction deliverables all the time., this one came up today and I thought it was worth covering in a video - the tools used here for sure could be automated further to make it simpler / faster to enter the information.

The request here was for As Built Elevation Markups on DOT Sections - the user wanted to import the DOT section Sheets into TBC and then use TBC CAD tools to markup the drawings with As Built elevations everywhere the DOT had a call out in the original sections. The markup includes a strikethrough of the DOT elevation value and then annotating beside the strike through the actual as built elevation values.

The process steps include

  1. Create a layer / layer group for the markups and set the properties of the markup layer i.e. Color, Lineweight, and set the print priority to foreground so the markups sit on top of the section drawings beneath.
  2. Create a Text Style for the markups including the Text Font, Text Height etc.
  3. Use the Takeoff Lines in 2 point 2D line mode to create the strike throughs on the correct layer
  4. Use the Create Text command to create the annotation label - you can also use snaps to grab the elevation from the point objects in the plan view and then place the labels in the sheet view at the correct orientation

You can have both the Takeoff Lines and Text commands running and then toggle between the two command to make this a little faster. This could be further automated with a TML that sets up a labeling style (Layers, Colors, Text Properties etc.) and then pick the Style, pick point 1, pick point 2, enter elevation value or select the point from which the elevation will be derived and place the text at an offset Right or Left to the mid point of the strike through line, repeat, repeat, repeat etc. if you have a lot of this to do - I guess we could reduce the time taken to do this by >50% and fat finger mistakes by 100% if needed.

Let me know if you do this type of work and if this would be helpful.

Video shows you how

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