Explode 3D Shells

Is there a way to explode 3D shells? RPS explode solids does not seem to work on this. Trying to using data from a REVIT for a foundation model.


That does not work on Shell3D. I guess this are different object types.

It works on IFC Shells (incl CAD Solids) and 3D faces


Could this be expanded to include 3DShells in the future? Shown here:

Shell3D.vcl (203.9 KB)

What about TBC just added import shells and an explode option. Seem like the more logical thing to do.

Like this you mean …

Shell 3D Export.vcl (365.9 KB) Shell 3D Export.vcl (365.9 KB)

Will be out soon if not already released - we have a pending update - v1.03 of Explode Solids Command (not the Explode IFC Shell command) - this is a licensed command whereas the IFC Shell is a command we support for Trimble that is unlicensed - 1.02 is out though and it does this also I believe