Export TBR file to Controller

Is it possible to export TBR files directly to the controller or does shells need to be extracted and then exported to the controller

Whats the best method

I do not believe that TrimBim is yet supported on any controller - my guess is the first to support it will be Access or the Buildings Layout product at some point.

Access supports IFC Shells so you would need to extract IFC Shells from an Imported TRB file and send those to Access.

For SCS900 / Siteworks they require lines and points or surfaces or a PRO / VCL for Roads. They do not support solids so I don’t see that supporting TRB anytime soon, but that would have to be a question for Trimble as I cannot comment on what their plans may be for the future.

If you need to explode 3D faces or Solids our Explode Solids command would be used for that.


I can confirm that TRB files and IFC files both work in Trimble Access. I used both types at the latest today.

Usually I want to use the TRB format because the file sizes are much smaller than IFC.

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You could try using the SiteVision exporter which will export a trb file and vcl.

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Thanks Joe - helpful


A handy tip (if you have access to C3D, TBC and TA)
If you have a 3D dwg you can export out an IFC in Civil3D using the “ifcexport” command. Take that IFC file into TBC and from there use the trb export. After that you have a file you can use in Trimble Access in the field.

With the latest version of TA (2021.20) you can use the AR functionality with your IFC/TRB files but it requires a GNSS equipment with IMU (R12i).

Awesome stuff from Trimble!

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Thanks Joseph,

I’ll give that a go with our IFC As Builts this weeklend (using R12i and Access 2021.20) - it’ll be interesting!

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Great help many thanks

Saw that. Jealous Siteworks doesn’t have that functionality yet.