Georeferencing PDF Files to an Alignment and Placing Typical Sections in the Model Space

Very often when modeling corridors you want to put the PDF Pages up as a Background Image behind the alignment so that you can clearly see the designers intent for the design in context. In addition you are normally provided with Typical Sections for the corridor that have a Start and End Station Range on either Left and Right side or varying for left and right side, it is also helpful to place those in the TBC model so you can clearly see the designers intent for the cross section and to clearly see the range over which the typicals are applied.

In the video below, we show

  1. How to import and georeference plan sheets to an alignment using image pixel / coordinate location pairs and pixel / station and offset pairs.
  2. How to draw in Typical Section locations
  3. How to place Typical Section drawings into the model space to save having to use an external program as a review tool for the typicals, and to be able to more readily see which typical is in play over which station range.