Geospatial PDFs

A few weeks ago I was sent a Geospatial PDF. The PDF had a high resolution Image of a project embedded in it and the customer sent me the .TFW file that they were sent with the PDF file. This is an unusual combination to receive - normally you would get a .TIFF of the image and the .TFW file that provides the scaling and location image for the image in the “real world”.

The user was asking how they could use the PDF and TFW in TBC.

You have a few options here

You can import the PDF and use manual Georeferencing methods to place, scale and orientate the PDF page on your project, the same way that you would place a PDF drawing set.

You can open the PDF in the Adobe Suite and use the Export function to Export the TIFF image again from the PDF. This requires you to have a part of the Adobe Suite - my son believes that it is the basic Adobe Suite Product that is required not the full suite product (so ~10 to $15 per month subscription to do this type of work).

You can ask the Engineer to send you the TIFF file or to Export the TIFF File from Adobe and send it over to you so you can pair it with the TFW that they already sent to you. The TIFF and TFW file will import perfectly into TBC in the right place in the world.

Click Here for a link to the Adobe Help Page on Geospatial PDFs

Hope that this anaswers the question Fred!


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