Groups in Corridor Template Instructions

For a while now I have been lobbying for the ability to add a Group Header and Collapsible Instruction Lists in the groups into the Corridor Template Editor. This I feel will make a huge difference to the Corridor Product to make it easier to navigate.


This has been a great addition. Thank you for persistence!

you are currently lobbying? I have not noticed any change to the editor. What am i missing here?

In the instruction types there is a new instruction type called Comment. This allows you to put a color coded Instruction in the list of instructions to break up the list into groups. The Groups are collapsible so you can minimize groups of commands beneath each comment and expand when needed.

This means that you can have a group for e.g. Finished Grade - Right Side and Finished Grade - Left Side and Subgrade or Sideslopes or Temporary Nodes etc. This makes it so much easier to open a Template and now what you were doing / trying to achieve and much easier to find commands in long lists of instructions etc.


get out!! thats hot.

Glad I asked the question. Thanks!

Glad you like it Nate!

Being able to add a comment is great way to quickly find an instruction and aids in organizing the instructions. Good work here.

Good to see it getting adopted.

A small thing but a major help in my view.