How do I retain two versions of TBC on my computer?

When we upgrade from e.g. Version 5.2 to version 5.3 of TBC, people often ask how do I keep Version 5.2 in case I want to use it from time to time in case Trimble changed something or something I use a lot fails for some reason in the more recent version.

I have personally got several versions of TBC installed on my laptop so that I can support people with different versions of the software. This is how you do it, the video covers the entire process in more detail.

Process Steps

  1. Create a folder on your C:\ drive called TBC Versions
  2. Go to C:\Program Files\Trimble\ and find the Trimble Business Center folder
  3. Cut the Trimble Business Center folder from the current location
  4. Paste the Trimble Business Center folder into your C:\TBC Versions folder
  5. Rename the folder to e.g Trimble Business Center v5.20
  6. Open the folder and find the Trimble Business Center.exe file and right click and select Pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start or Create Desktop Shortcut.
  7. Run Control Panel and use the Uninstall Program function to remove the remnants of the TBC installation from your computer. This prepares your computer for the new installation of TBC and will not affect the older installation. Note that if you deinstall TBC and run this process, you will not be able to run some of the macro commands on any version of TBC until you install the new version of TBC.
  8. If you have had issues installing TBC or you feel that you want to clean up after prior TBC installations, run the Trimble Office Software Cleanup Utility now.
  9. Install the new version of TBC

Note: I pin the different versions of TBC to my Taskbar and separate the TBC icons with other applications. I have v5.20 on the left, v5.30 in the middle and v5.3x daily build on the right side of the taskbar, so that I know which version is which.

Demonstration Video

The video below captures the entire process if you need extra help