How Do I Work With Station Equations In An Alignment With The PCS900 System

This one comes up periodically - here are the best suggestions of how to handle this scenario

With the newer earthmoving machines from Trimble they do support Station Equations - on the older machines you have 2 choices really - with PCS900 I know they were behind the GCS machines - the last versions of GCS I believe support it but PCS I think never got there. I guess the new paver system Paveworks likely supports it though.

  1. Label the alignment on screen for the operators to reference so the labels on screen reflect the correct Stations with the Equations, however the stationing values displayed by the machine come off an alignment that do not have the station equations in them and load the non equation alignment into the machine for the offsets and guidance - that works for some people - a bit of training for the operator to ref the screen not the displayed values - you can change the config of the control box to not display stations and then they only have the graphics to refer to. You need two alignments to do this - one with Station Equations and the other without.

  2. Break the alignment at the equation points so you have several alignments each with the correct stations for the Eq to Eq station range - that is kind of a pain depending on how many equations there are and how close together they are but that works also