Layer Manager - Enhancement

Just used the Layer Manager to add a prefix to a group of layers, all at one time, and it worked great. However, when I tried to move the same selection of layers to a new layer group, I had to change one layer group dropdown box at a time.

You may want to consider modifying the command to allowing groups of layers to be reassigned to a different Layer Group, in one shot, similar to Trimble’s Layer Manager.

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You can group select Richard and then while holding the Shift key down, you click in the layer group pull down and it will highlight, change it on the last one selected and ten tab out of the field and all others will also be updated (The video shows this - it is a quirk of the Table / Grid control that we have been working on to try to improve it - it works but it is not 100% as easy as we would like.

Ahhh yes… I remember from the video now. Thanks for the reminder.

I think a filter would be useful here. For instance when importing pdfs, the user could input “pdf” into the filter bar and only be left with the entities that meet this criteria.

Peter worked on Layer Control last week - we now will have the following (when we have added it into all current commands

  1. Filter option - enter wild card text to find layer names that include the entered value. You can also enter e.g. ^PDF and it will find all that start with PDF
  2. A New button - this allows you to create a New Layer with a simple New Layer Control (not the full Layer Manager. If you want to create several New Layers you can do that in one pass
  3. Layer Pull down is now filtered by the filter applied. You can enter a letter to get to the first layer that starts with that letter as before

We have added the new Layer Control to a library of controls like the slide bar (Single and Double Sliders) for setting values or value ranges, and these will be referenced into all the commands and can now be used in all future commands. If we need to update we update once and all commands are updated automatically.

New Layer Control
Will post the image later today

New Single Slider Control

New Dual Slider Control

This should help here


Could we get the following filter addition to the layer manager? This would be very useful: