Merge Points - Tips and Tricks

Does anyone have experience with the merge points? Tried using this but doesn’t seem to work when you select a bunch of points. You have to individual go in an select the points you want to keep.

I want something simpler so if we have asbuilt data I can merge all duplicates together and reduce clutter in my project.

Is there not a command for clean up of duplicate points in RPS?

Nor today there isn’t but it could be added to remove duplicates I am sure


That would be very useful. The amount of redundant points on a project gets pretty intense, especially when you have multiple below on a site and you have to share work order data.

I would say that if we do this, there also needs to be a way to recognize that there is a linestring associated to these points and change this from point ID to coordinate. That way you don’t lose your linework inadvertently when cleaning up the points. Or there may even be a smart way of doing this.