MyRockpile Training Library v2.0

D_MyRockpileLibrary_600ppi Welcome to the New MyRockpile Library

I would like to welcome all of our users to the new MyRockpile Library that went live on Monday November 28th 2022. The existing Retrieve Library will be discontinued shortly and all of our energy has been diverted to the new Training System.

At this point I would like to thank Shane Odenbach in the RPS Team for his tireless efforts to move all of the existing content into the new platform - it has been a mammoth task, and the new Library is looking exceptionally good, and it can still go much further - Great Job Shane and Thanks!

Why Did We Change?

  • A number of our users ask us for reports on videos watched and hours / minutes of viewing and which classes did I complete - Retrieve was not good at reporting this information in a quick and easy manner, nor did it have the data that was being requested.

  • Some of our larger corporate customers and DOTs have requested the ability to prescribe courses for their users and to be able to self track the progress of those users to completion of the classes allocated. In addition these same users have requested the ability to have a “Branded Portal” for their users and the ability to upload their own training content on other issues that their user community should be aware of e.g. OSHA Standards, DOT Specifications, Municipality Specifications, Company Manuals and Handbooks etc. and again Retrieve was not able to allow third parties to use the platform to store their own content etc.

  • Many users asked the question “Which Classes Should I take and In Which Order Should I Take Them” - with over 280 hours of training available, and over 80 different courses, the retrieve system was becoming more difficult to navigate and find what you needed. The Search functions were good, however putting more structure into a users training was apparently a growing need.

  • Lastly, after 3 years of executing our training program, we now have all of the class content created (to a large extent anyway) and we felt it was time to provide more focused training for specific user work processes, that goes another level deeper that can further expand our users capability with TBC.

Work Process Curriculum Structure

In the new Library, you will find the structure is now focused on your work processes including

Takeoff for Estimators - Site Projects
Takeoff for Estimators - Corridor Projects

Data Prep for 3D Modelers - Site Projects
Data Prep for 3D Modelers - Corridor Projects

Field Operations for Site and Corridor Projects

New User Development

Our goal is that within each of the first 5 curriculums above, you will find all of the courses that you need to learn TBC to tackle those types of projects and workflows. The courses within a curriculum will also include the New User Development classes. We will continue to flesh out these curriculum’s to make the training content more detailed and more specific to your role, so that you only need access to the one curriculum to meet your needs.

Single and Multi User Season Pass Changes

Our Season Pass program is changing in 2023 to reflect the new Work Process Curriculum focused approach and the Corporate Organization Requirements

  • All of our current season pass holders have access to all curriculums, because you had that in the old library and we don’t want to take something away that you may need.
  • Moving forwards however, we will be offering Season Pass for each Curriculum (a Work Process Season Pass). This will entitle you to still attend our weekly webinars on any subject, but will grant you access to just the materials applicable to you.
  • Each of the curriculums contain the New User Development Program as well as the work process training content
  • If you wish to still have access to all curriculums or more than one at least, then we will have a Full Season Pass available for you as well.

Corporate Training Programs and New Corporate Portal

In response to our corporate and DOT client requests, the new training library presents the opportunity to deliver to you what you have been requesting - A Corporate Portal. The Corporate Portal Program will allow you to do the following

  • A Branded Portal that will be automatically selected when your users log in
  • The ability to create your own courses and upload additional content for your users
  • The ability to prescribe classes for your users or groups of users and track the users progress
  • Admin dashboards that show you your team members, which classes they are taking, how many minutes they have watched and their progress through the training program prescribed to them

The Corporate Portal is available for all corporate clients for $2500 / year.

Corporate Portal clients still pay / user at the corporate rates that provide increasing discounts with increasing numbers of users. The corporate account provides you with the ability to prescribe one or more curriculum to each user or user group that you define i.e. if you have an Estimating Department and a 3D Modeling Department and a Survey Department or a Construction Inspection or Engineering Department, you can create Groups and then assign users to those groups and then assign the groups to specific curriculums - further tailoring the Learning Experience for your teams.

Will Individual Classes Still Be Available?

  • For existing single class holders Yes until your subscription to the class expires
  • For new users of the Library No - our goal is to provide meaningful curriculum content for our Users, while we will continue to create individual courses, those courses will only be available with a Work Process or Full Season pass.

Updates to RPS Command Library and Rockpile Website

The Rockpile Solutions Website - MyRockpile - Library link has already been changed, you will now be pathed directly to the new Training Library

The RPS All Tools Package v5.8 is in final testing currently, it should be released this week and includes an updated MyRockpile Library command that takes you to the new library URL.

The Retrieve Library will be terminated shortly and will no longer be available, all content has been moved to the new library, so you have not lost anything in this process.

All RPS Season Pass users have already been setup with an Account and have been enrolled in all Work Process Curriculum programs. You should have received emails from the system this week.

All RPS Class holders with a valid subscription to a class have also been moved over. You will have access to the classes that you had previously, if for any reason you cannot access content please raise a Support Ticket at or click the Support button on the Tool Shed Menu in TBC.

Non Season Pass users have not yet been setup on the new library. We are working through the subscriber workflows first and will get to the tools and resources for non subscribers next.

We hope you like the new structure, we are excited to get your feedback and input.

Alan Sharp
Managing Partner / Marketing Director