Rotate Plan View - Project Settings for Default Rotation

Absolutely love the ability to rotate plan view. So much better.

Wondering if it would behoove us to have the ability to set a default rotation for plan view in project settings. This way if you open up a new plan view they are already aligned and then you would just have to adjust for outlier scenarios.

Potentially we could do that - we are working on other issues currently and this would be quite a bit of work in TML to solve for as we would also have to write our own New Plan View command as well as setup the UI to save the Rotation Settings etc.

It would be easier if Trimble looked at current Plan View Rotation and when creating a New Plan View just inherited the rotation of the currently open Plan View for example.

For Sites it may make sense to do this but maybe not for roads - so it gets tricky to do this and it is really not that hard to rotate a plan view after opening it and the work to create the commands and the settings likely will not save you much really in terms of production time.


Agree that it would be more fitting for Trimble to adopt. Some projects may not warrant it but I see some use especially for those that use multiple views frequently.

Not a huge pain to flip. Hell we can at least flip! Just thinking of that perfect scenario.