RPS Commands Delayed

I’m getting a 3-4 second delay between clicking an icon and the RPS command popping up. Trimble ID applied in Options\External Services - Profiles, and Trimble Connect Sync running and signed in. Doesn’t matter what command I use.

Was occasional in the past, but now constant. Have just replaced SSD/HDD combo with large SSD and reinstalled all software (inc. Windows 10).



I see the same thing. Once the commands open everything is fine but this is a pain if you are switching between multiple commands.


I’ve noticed this as well. It’s especially prevalent/frustrating when RPS loses connection with the Trimble Profile and it becomes necessary to sign out of Trimble Connect and re-log on to regain RPS functionality, which takes much more than the usual command start lag. This happens roughly once a day and I’ve yet to be able to see a consistent reason as to why it does this.