Slope Slope Intesect Crashing


Trying to use the slope slope function but it crashes no matter what i do. in the picture its a small window and thats what i get when i push “apply”. If i move the mouse in the planview vindow a bigger crashscreen also occurs imedeatly.

This is being addressed - TBC changed an API call in 5.4 that caused this issue- I have the team fixing this currently - I hope to release updates today or tomorrow on that


Still get the error message, is this supposed to be fixed or am i having another issue?

The fix is in process Fred it will be early next week I hope - the holidays came and that is what is stalling us


Aha, thanks for yor answer.
Have a great new year!

Apologies on the delay, I’ve published a version with a fix for this issue. Run TMLStatus to install the latest version, 1.02. Let us know if there are any other issues.



Please take a look at this video I think i am missing somthing here and using it wrong.

Good application but the tool was never tested to do that workflow that you are doing there - the tool was primarily designed for Road Work where you want to use feature strings for eg Pavement and sideslope and you want to find the intersection of two slopes at a subgrade to compute the earthworks for an embankment for example.

We are working on another tool currently and I will see if we can incorporate this requirement into that in some way as I can see the need that you have and it fits well with what we are trying to achieve with that command…

I will also look at your example and see whether the Slope Slope could be used to do that going forwards as it is evidently close - my guess is that the building being a closed line is what is tripping the tool and generating all those cross over lines etc.

So I created a mockup of what you are trying to do and solved it a different way - still using the slope slope command. The challenge with the slope slope when you just use one line and a slope is that there is no direction of slope input (we need to add that), so I just created an Offset line on the building using an offset of 1’ and a slope of -2% (enter -2% in the elevation field) and then the same for the perimeter line I used an offset inside of 1’ and a slope of -2:1. This gives me two pairs of lines that have direction that I can then use in the slope slope command.

I then break all the lines so that each building side is separated from the others - closed lines always create ambiguities in the calculations. I then break the perimeter lines in the right places also so I have a pair of lines for each building side to compute the slopes from.

Then I do a slope slope using two pairs of lines and I leave the Create Offset Lines checkbox Off in each case and only compute the intersecting lines. I do that for each building side.

Then to do the corners I join one of the perimeter lines back together again and use variable offset line using Elevation control and no smoothing to create the corners of the slope intersect - using the ends of the intersect lines computed above to create a start and end point for each corner line. I then join all the lines together and make a surface out of them and it actually looks pretty good.

Video shows you how I did it


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Nice, Thanks Alan!
As i already have my lines from sideslope i have 2 lines with 2% between them i can use them, i just need to create my lines 1:2 at the border. :slight_smile:

Thanks for raising the issue - I will see what we can do to further automate this