TBC 5.60 - Do I go for it?

Okay, it’s that time again, time for another TBC update. Has anyone gone to version 5.60 or beta-tested it? I am looking for feedback before I leap into a new version. They say it’s a “Major Software Update.” so will this interfere with RPS?
I appreciate any help you can provide.
Andy D.

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I am trying to install 5.60 now and the install keeps terminating saying that there is an issue with file “hasplms.exe”

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I searched my whole hard drive, which took awhile, but I found the file located in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Aladdin Shared\HASP and manually deleted it and it seems to have allowed it to continue. Just in case anyone else hits the same issue at least you won’t have to search for the file.

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Hi Wayne,
After you deleted the hasp software and updated TBC, did it allow you to open it and retain your licensing?
Thanks again

I do we like we can finally reference VCEs in it. I haven’t updated yet as I’m working on production stuff right now.

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Andy, Yes it did. I don’t know the exact date but something like 11/01/2021 or 11/15/2021 would be when your warranty would need to be up to date to in order for the new version to work.

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Just got done reading thru the full 5.60 release notes.
It does have some interesting addons/changes like the VCE referencing you mentioned.

Here is the link for the full release notes incase anyone is interested.

The link gives me an ‘oops, does not exist’ error.


We will be posting an Install package shortly for this release - they normally release after the markets close at 4pm Eastern, but today they went live a little earlier.

We have posts prepared that I will set live shortly that cover the TBC 5.6 benefits for contractors as well as what is new from RPS that goes along with this update from Trimble.

I have been testing over the past month and have helped to debug the release around Reference Files and Reference Surfaces as well as raised the issues and did a lot of the testing relating to the DWG Import / Export improvements relating to Text and blocks.

I have seen some issues along the way that to a large extent have been corrected, however I cannot say that I have exhaustively tested the whole of TBC with this release at this stage - so I have it dual installed and am giving it the benefit of the doubt but for sure there are some big things in the release - but I would say inevitably there will be some issues that get found as usual when it gets out to the user base that put it through its paces.

With our 4.20 installation package we have updated a number of commands to support the new Reference Files / Reference Surfaces capability as well as added several new commands and a number of command enhancements etc. which we think you will like.

Our recommendation is do the TBC 5.60 update first and then run our 4.2 Installer package over the top to update all of the TMLs in your library before restarting work.

I always move my working version e.g. of 5.52 to a different location prior to running Add / Remove Programs to deinstall it, that way I have 5.52 on my computer as well as 5.6 in case I need it.

I am going for it (because I have to, and I think the potential value of the new functionality is going to be helpful, but I will hold onto 5.52 for a while at least in case I find something is awry with the release once I start using it across the board.



Sounds good Alan,
Looking forward to your posts.

Wow! Is this similar to Xref in CAD? I wonder if you can pick the lines or surface from the Reference files and add it to the design, if it does, it is big for me.

You can snap to objects in a reference file. You can make a Reference Surface from a surface in a reference file.

If you want to copy data from a reference file to the current project or vice versa then you need to use the new RPS Copy to Clipboard Command (CTRL SHIFT C) along with an Updated RPS Paste Command (CTRL SHIFT V) which does the trick using a new Virtual VCL format as the transfer mechanics via the Windows clipboard.

The Reference Files function is captured in the News post that we just published on v5.60 - it is a great addition.

The new RPS Installation package v4.20 that has all our updates for this release will be posted in a few minutes. Some great new stuff in there including

Text Style IO - allows export and import of your text styles to and from a settings file

Toolbar Manager - allows you to add your custom toolbars to any menu configuration and manage the sizes of the icons on the Toolbars

Explode Solids - Explodes IFC Solids and 3D faces into component linework and removes duplicates as well as places Tops., Bottoms and Sides on 3 layers in 3 colors.

RPS Copy to Clipboard - copy project data and dependent objects in Virtual VCL format to the Windows clipboard and Paste it into a different project using RPS Paste - also updated to handle the virtual VCL file capability.

Updated Commands that use surfaces to make them compatible with Reference Surface functionality

A number of other minor updates and improvements also released in the 4.2 Installation Package.

I think TBC v5.6 is a good release - it has some great additions



Do you have a direct link to 4.20? The link I have is still 4.12. Thanks again

Nevermind my last - When i click the “rockpilesolutions” link on the bottom of the TML Status in TBC, it takes me to to 4.20.

UPDATE: I wasn’t seeing the new toolbar options in the ‘tool shed’ until I reset RPS menus in the “Menu Manager”. I was a bit confused on my TML status; Initially, without the reset, nothing changed.

If you run the 4.2 installer and use 5.6 onwards the me us should set themselves automatically from now on


Mine installed just fine. Didn’t effect any of my RPS functions. There is a new TML Status 4.20 to download as well. Will have to update TMLS again to make all current. I have had no issues yet.

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Welp, less than two hours in and we have our first crash.

Crashed on save

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