TBC Mini Class Series - Season 3!

Season 3 of the Mini Class Series is here!

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Running now through June 29th, the Mini Class Series - Season 3 program is designed to elevate new or inexperienced users of Trimble Business Center to the next level of capabilities with the software. Covering a thread of topics from startup to project completion, this series will get new users of TBC up and running and into project work in just a few short months!

Class Schedule & Topics

1 – Installation (Recorded Video)

  • TBC Installation Walkthrough
  • Offline vs Online
  • Installing Multiple Versions of TBC
  • Running Office Clean Up

2 – General Overview of Business Center:

In this two-hour session we will explore the User Interface of Trimble Business Center. During this session we will go through the process of customizing the user experience to enhance comfort and productivity.

  • General UI Overview
  • Start Page
  • User Options and Project Settings
  • Signing into your Trimble Id
  • Customizing Ribbons and Layouts
  • Project Explorer Overview
  • Properties Pane
  • Plan View and 3d Views
  • View Controls

3 – Layers, Layer Groups, View Filter Manager, and View Filters:

In this two-hour session we will focus on the view controls in Trimble Business Center, while the topic seems simple enough. Understanding the view control functionality is critical to being successful with your work. You will learn tip and tricks to make sorting your data a breeze.

  • Creating Layers and Layer Groups
  • Organizing and Moving Objects to Layers
  • View Filter Controls and Options
  • Creating View Filters
  • Tips for Manipulating Data Visualization

4 & 5 – Introduction to Cad Tools Session:

In the first two-hour session we will begin to explore the CAD Tools available to users within Trimble Business Center. Whatever your reason for using TBC may be, you will need to be able to create and draw objects. This class will give you the foundation you will need to use these tools with confidence.

  • Cad Object Overview
  • Creating Cad Points
  • Cogo Functions for Data Entry
  • Coordinate Scroll
  • Linestrings vs Polylines
  • Creating Line Objects
  • Snap Control Overview

In this second two-hour session we will continue exploring the available CAD Tools within Trimble Business Center. This session will focus on the editing and annotating of CAD Objects while we focused on the creation of CAD Object in the previous session.

  • Creating and Exploding Cad Blocks
  • Polygons
  • Fill Areas and Hatch Patterns
  • Creating Cad Text
  • Using Smart Text
  • Editing Tools for Cad Objects

6 – Importing and Organizing Data:

In this two-hour session we will examine the tools and processes for importing various file formats. We will also work through the sorting and cleaning of imported CAD Data for the proper management of this data.

  • Supported File Formats
  • Creating Custom Importers
  • Import Settings
  • Import Command vs Drag and Drop
  • Sorting Data

7 – Alignments: 5/25/22

In this two-hour session we will introduce users to the key concepts of alignment geometry. Introducing users to the different methods available for the creation of alignments and how to edit existing alignments.

  • Horizontal Geometry
  • Vertical Geometry
  • Alignment Key-Points
  • Alignment Key-in Techniques
  • Editing Alignments
  • Station Equations

8 – Introduction to Surface Modeling:

In this two-hour session we will cover the fundamental concepts of surface modeling. The session will focus on ensuring users understand the process of creating surfaces, the setting and properties that govern there creation, and how to edit surfaces effectively.

  • Overview of Surface Objects
  • Creating a Surface
  • Surface Properties and Settings
  • Holes and Islands
  • Surface Editing Tools

9 – Project Templates:

In this two-hour session we will explore the creation of Project Templates. Through out this training program users have been working with an empty project template. Using that experience we will begin to look at how project templates can reduce re-work and create continuity across work groups.

  • Creating Project Templates
  • Project Settings
  • Layers and Layer Groups
  • View Filters
  • Text Styles

10 – Introduction to Point Clouds:

In this two-hour session we will cover the basics of Pont Clouds. Users will learn the processes for organizing and classifying their point cloud data, and how to turn this data into surface models that they can use.

  • Importing a Point Cloud
  • Point Cloud Settings
  • Point Cloud Regions
  • Classification of Points
  • Building Point Cloud Surfaces

11 – Introduction to Coordinate Systems:

In this two-hour session we will introduce users to the fundamentals of Coordinate Systems. Coordinate Systems have a large impact field data and users who are working with field data should understand how coordinate systems work. Users will also learn the difference between a local coordinate system and a state plane coordinate system.

  • Setting a Coordinate System
  • Horizontal and Vertical Datums
  • Geoid Models
  • Site Calibrations
  • Importing/Exporting Coordinate Systems and Calibrations
  • Local vs State Plane

12 – Printing, Exporting Data, and Sending Data to the Field: 6/29/22 at 10 AM MDT

In this two-hour session we will focus on the workflows for creating deliverables to the field. Starting with the printing of data within Trimble Business Center. We will also cover the process around exporting your models to the field, whether you are send data for survey or machine control we will cover your needs.

  • Printing Data
  • General Export
  • Field Data Workflow
  • GCS vs Earthworks
  • Alignment Viewer?

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