Vertical Design - drape object

I have been slowly using the Vertical Design command more frequently and was wondering if there is an option to simply drape objects onto the vertical design surface and have them remain dynamically locked or can this only be completed by using the connector rule?

Matt Voge
Jensen Builders, Ltd.


I was thinking along the same lines the other day Matt. I would use something like this for hot dog curb islands and the like. Draping and sticking certainly seems like it would come in handy in more then one way for sure.


Do you think if I made a post on the Trimble forum it would actually be read by someone from the Trimble development team?

If you drape a line on a surface created by vertical design it should update as the surface changes already because the drape lines object is a dependent object and the surface created using a vertical design is a dependent object - this means that the surface updates because of a change in the Vertical design and the drape line updates because it isndependent on the surface. If you want to add the drape line to the vertical design surface that may work but could flag an issue because of a double dependency the line is dependent on the surface so probably cannot be a part of the surface - but you can create another surface including all the VD linework and the drape lines i would think - would have to try that


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Thanks Alan! That will definitely help determine my workflow routine for using the vertical design tools.