Aerial Image Surface Texture

Is it possible to add an aerial background image as a surface texture to export to site vision and Sketchup

Yes to SiteVision. I haven’t done it with an aerial, size might be an issue, but I have done it with other imagery.

I assume you just add the image to the surface as a surface member - just like you would add points or lines to a surface and then set the surface properties to display using Surface Color (the surface color then inherits the image coloring from the image member you added).

I am not sure what you then export to SiteVision - Pat - do you export the surface and image separately as I think Sitevision just drapes the image over the loaded TIN model right? so doing the work in TBC is just to preview the effect. If you want to capture the image from TBC background image service just use the Capture command - that creates a georeferenced image and puts in a folder in the project folder along with a KMZ file that you can also use to open the image in Google Earth

There are likely image size limits for SiteVision I would think


I think an ortho image from drone data may be too data rich. I just tried to add an ortho to a point cloud surface with no success.

This could be very handy.