Announcing RPS Tracker - New Product from Rockpile!

Rockpile’s new material movement platform. We are excited about this product and think you will be too!

Cycle Planner - Web Application

Pick your fleet and run material movement scenarios on jobs while you are bidding the job to look at material movement, bunch ups, and work through scenarios on how much time it will take to move the dirt with an excavator and 3 articulated trucks vs. 3 pull scrapers or other. Add / remove equipment to compare days needed to move the material.

Tracker - Web Portal / Android Tablet Application.

  • Tablets install in seconds on any machine including: excavator, articulated truck, scraper, dozer, on highway truck, etc. Samsung Tablet measures noise, vibration, pitch, roll to reflect machine operation. Waze like format allows operator to let the supervisor / office know what’s going on, on the jobsite. Tracks material moved on project with auto load and dump events - cut to fill, cycle times, bunch ups, can label type of material moved, take pictures / video of progress or problems on jobsite. Proprietary algorithm that allows to almost instant communication.

  • Web application allows you to setup and manage one or multiple projects, material moved on those projects, and a lot of other relevant production & equipment information, print or email reports related to production, accounting, job costing, etc.

  • Compare estimated time it’s taking to complete a job to # of days the job was bid and calculate # of days until completion, draw geofences, calculate quantities, capture load tickets, maintain project control & optimize your utilization of equipment.

Attached is the sales literature. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Excited to talk to you about this new product from Rockpile!


Trev Adair
Cell: 319-550-2125

RPS Tracker e-book.pdf (3.6 MB)