How to install the RPS Truck application on a Tablet or Phone

You have to be an Admin on the RPS Tracker system in order to set up a Tablet Device.
First go to the RPS Admin Portal and create a new Truck setup.

Now go to

The device will tell you Error! Not Configured. Begin Setup [OK]. Tap OK to start Setup

Login using your admin Username and Password

The app will then configure itself by asking you to select
Select Truck
Select Route
and once selected you can tap [Associate]

You will now be asked to select a Driver from the list of Drivers presented. Select a Driver.

The device will now ask you to give permissions to the application to use the Current Location (GPS) in your device. Tap OK.

Once configured, you can then run the application. Note that the application is optimized for a 10" Tablet, while it may run on your phone (if you have a large high resolution screen phone, certain things like the Camera pop up to scan tickets and receipts, or the Fuel Purchase / Bulk Fuel or Hours screens may scroll rather than fit the available screen resolution. While these may be acceptable for a demonstration, they are not ideal for real operations - that is why the 10" tablet is recommended / required.

Note: The application when it runs will run only in a chrome browser. When it is running you can select the three dot button in Top Right of your screen, and “Add to Home Screen”. This will place a Desktop shortcut to the app on your home screen for easy access.When you run the application from that Home Screen icon, you will not get the Browser Bar at the top of the screen, making operation of the app smoother for an operator.

Note: When we install the app on a Tablet PC, we typically also install a small app that disables the sleep mode on the device. We expect the device to always be on and always connected to external power

Hi Alan

Is this truck app available for purchase

Yes absolutely - it is already in commercial use today and has been for 2 years. I will send you an email giving you more information.