Another New Addition to the RPS Team

I am pleased to announce the addition of my son Fergus Sharp to the growing RPS Technical / Marketing team.

Fergus just wrapped up his degree in GIS at Arizona State University and will be joining us in the new year - he has been doing some part time marketing work for us for a few months now and has already got our CRM system firing on all cylinders. He will be assisting me as our Marketing Solutions Manager - implementing our new Training delivery system and assisting Shane and I with Onboarding new users, QA and Testing, Documentation and Video Production.

I am looking forward to seeing what he can do!

Fergus can be reached at
+1 720 209 7221

Please add him to your contacts and welcome him to the team!


Welcome to a good team to be around and learn from Fergus!

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Twice as Sharp now. Congrats!


My old music teacher at high school used to crack a joke most weeks - he said “this piece of music has two sharps which is surprising because as we all know one sharp is more than enough for most people!”



Congratulations Fergus!


Thank you, all! I am looking forward to continuing the work I have been doing and diving deeper into new avenues with Rockpile Solutions. Please feel free to reach out if you need customer support or have questions about our products!

Learn as much as you can from Pop while you have the chance and I have no doubt we’ll be in good hands for another generation.

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Welcome Sharp Jr…!

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Bit late. Welcome …to a great, helpful team.
Music to our ear with A-Sharp and F-Sharp!! ! !

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