Happy Christmas and Holidays - To All Our Rockpilers

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our Rockpilers for helping us to make Rockpile Solutions the company that it has become over the past 2 years - we really appreciate all of your support, input, encouragement, feedback and business. We have had a great year this year and the team is getting really well established now and each “department” is growing, this is how we look for 2022

Sales, Marketing, Technical Support, Training, QA/QC and Documentation

  • Alan Sharp - Managing Partner, Marketing Director
  • Fergus Sharp - Marketing and Onboarding Manager
  • Trev Adair - Manager - Direct Sales
  • Bill Graber - Manager - Distribution Sales
  • Shane Odenbach - Manager - Training
  • Chris Bayliff - Manager - Technical Support, QA/QC, Documentation and Consulting
  • Linda Sharp - Manager Accounting and Finance
  • Nabih Saliba - Manager - User Interface / User Experience

Software Development

Peter Kistler - Partner and Development Director - TBC, TML and TBC Support Systems
Bill Quintrell - Partner and Development Director - Web Services including RPS Tracker

Wyn Sleeman - TBC / TML Development

Team of 5 - 7 Russian Developers for Web Services including RPS Tracker, CIS Earthworks

The latest addition to the team - Chris Bayliff joins us having worked for large Texas based contractors in the Highways and Site Market. Chris has years of experience as a construction surveyor / survey manager, 3D modeler, Estimator and construction specialist. He has been using Trimble Business Center for many years and adds an extra dimension to the RPS team through his practical construction modeling experience and running 3D modeling services departments on major projects. He will be joining RPS on January 4th and will be heading up our rapidly growing Technical Services group.

We look forward to working with you all again in 2022, and would like to wish you all a Happy Holiday Season, Merry Christmas and a very happy and prosperous New Year. The RPS Team will be on skeleton crew over the holiday period, if you need help or assistance please email me at alan.sharp@rockpilesolutions.com and we will have one of the team take care of you.

Thanks again - We are here to help!