Apologies for the issues created today

We apologize for any issues that you may have experienced with TMLs today. The development team did a series of updates on Thursday to create the 5.1 release package and that caused the issues that were experienced today.

If you are having issues with your TMLs, we suggest you do the following

  1. Close all instances of TBC
  2. Go to www.RockpileSolutions.com
  3. Download the latest version of the 5.1 installation package
  4. Install the installation package
  5. Restart TBC

The first version of the installation package that was posted early Friday morning had a problem, as did the downloads that were made available via the TMLStatus system. The installation package was updated a little later on Friday morning and that appears to have cleared the issues that people have experienced.

If you are continuing to have issues please let us know and we can call you to resolve. Please call my cell if you need help over the weekend +1 720 323 0481or email me on alan.sharp@rockpilesolutions.com

Alan Sharp

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