Bentley View Connect Edition for DGN and iModel Files

Here is the link for the Bentley View Connect Edition Viewer

Click Here

Tips on Using Bentley View worth knowing will be captured here for posterity

Tip #1
Bentley DGN files are often constructed using “Models”. Models are effectively Groups of data in the file that can be accessed and worked on in a Group (a bit like selection sets in TBC). When you open a DGN file in Bentley View, it will typically be showing you one Model only - here is how you access the different Models in the file to see what is in them.

TBC currently only imports one of the models - that is why sometimes you only get part of what is visible in the DGN file when opened in Bentley View or Microstation etc. I worked with Trimble development today on this and they are taking a look to see what they can do with “Multi Model DGN Files”.

Here is the video