DGN software help

is anyone using any software to open DGN? What I am after is to open DGN and export what I need. As TBC does not import all linework from the DGN.

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Sometimes its better to use the import rather than the drop and drag if that’s how your doing it.

Tried that method. And nothing.

Did you selectball models setting on Import of the DGN?


just tried this and still not importing all linework. . the screen shot below on the left side is the file explorer preview and the right side is the what was imported into TBC. There are just a few items that are not called out in the plans and using the CAD file help to i.d. station-offset-radius.

The only way to check is to look in Microstation itself, however the preview is showing you the file as it was last seen in Microstation and that could also be showing a lot of reference file data also not just what is in the file you have - it is highly likely the data is not in the file you have. You will see the samenissues with DWG files fromn AutoCAD. Ie last time the file was used in Microstation they had 4 reference files loaded and that is what it loomed like when they were all visible at the point when they last saved the file. Then they just send you the one file - if you don’t have the reference files also then your file will never look that way because the data is in other files.

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for the time being, I just dumped all 170 files to find the little bit of linework i needed. Extreme yes. found what i needed.

As far as I’m concerned, Global Mapper is the king of all imports/exports. Not cheap but it is my go to converter.
Its a free download/trial if you want to see if it can extract/save the detail you think is in the file.

seems as the 599 deal would be the one I would want. just something to import DGN and export DWG/DXF. would still need to try this out. I need to find if AutoCAD has something around this dollar range.

Yes, if you are looking to handle a specific file format. But if you want a tool that tries to support everything you many encounter (in and out) then GM has that history.