Corridor cut sheet layout

I love this command, being able to spit out a report so the field can verify roadway grades. One thing I would love to see is to be able to have the station tables not stack on top of each. Possibly have an option to have the tables going left to right and stacked on top. This one project (6 MILES) I did this for was about 200 sheets and I spend a little time organizing it to 38 sheets. This was done on a 11x17 sheet in landscape.

Challenge here Frank is that you are only reporting 2x nodes whereas many of these reports generate many more nodes per table - so while I am sure we can drive a Columns and Rows and Down then across or Across then Down formatting for this type of layout it is extremely hard to know what options to choose because it 100% depends on your number of rows and cols per table and then the size of the paper you want to use etc.

I will forward to Peter to see what is possible in the future


much appreciated!!!