Corridor Report

Okay, as we all know when running a corridor earthwork report. We have all the material included in the report. I also need to run a separate earthwork report which references my OG with no site improvement and a design with no material. Usually i either use the corridor surface in a new corridor so i can run a report and have the station qty. or just a simple surface to surface report. Is there possibly a option to or setting to exclude the materials in the corridor earthwork report?

If there is not , could a RPS command be create?

If you dont need the Subgrade Adjustments to OG and FG surfaces, I normally just create a second corridor that references the OG and has the FG as a Surface Instruction and then run the corridor earthworks report on just those two surfaces. The corridor will always adjust out the FG to base of subgrade material layer if it is present - however the quantity of subgrade is reported in both Fill and Cut sections - the issue is that in a Fill the earthworks would be Fill + Subgrade whereas in a Cut the Earthworks would be Cut - Subgrade - so it is easier to just build a corridor with the surfaces that you want to get the results you need. You could also just run the normal Earthworks Report using Existing and Finished Grade to get those Qtys but if you need them by station range then you have to do the above.

When we get to Corridor Volume Reports I will bear this in mind as an option to report without subgrades or with subgrades adjusted.



It’s not that much of a pain to do a small step to get an extra report. Just be nice to just check a box or uncheck a box when running a report and not having to have so many corrdirs. This is something that is required of me when i turn in dirt number to show finish numbers and then subgrade adjustment numbers.
Thank you for the consideration on adding that as a option. Look forward to seeing what this does.

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