Corridor Modeling Around Bridge Gaps

This question came up last week and I thought it a valuable training opportunity.

The issue that the Rockpiler raised was as follows

  1. I create a Finished Grade Model for my Corridor
  2. I added a Null Template just before the start of my bridge section - the bridge is skewed to my main line
  3. I added a corridor template just after the end of my bridge section to restart the corridor model
  4. This leaves a Gap through the Bridge Section as I want
  5. Now I draw in by hand the linework for the Bridge approach and bridge departure so that I can model those parts for the machine - the lines stop at the skew lines of the bridge deck
  6. I then add the lines that I drew to the corridor surface model and I get all kinds of flags on my model that “make no sense” - so how would you model this area?

The video shows you how - you are now venturing into my deepest, darkest TBC Secrets!