Corridor Takeoff Model For a Large Driveway Project

Yesterday I was asked by a user to take a look at how to build a corridor model for Finished Grade and Subgrade for a large driveway for a Ranch project. The driveway had a Typical Cross section as follows

In the video I show a few additional tips and tricks than I used in the original model I knocked out. The starting point was a PDF plan set that vectors had already been extracted from. The vectors as normal were all chorded so I would recommend joining the lines together and then running the linestring optimizer on those to turn them back into curvilinear features with fewer nodes in them. The same for the center line - make a continuous centerline and make the curve to straight section transitions as tangent as possible or type in the alignment and vertical alignment from the plans for the “best results”. You can see in the video however that just using the chorded lines will work and you can get your quantities out pretty quickly.

In the video we create an alignment, create a corridor, create a template for the Finished Grade and all Subgrade Layers and then build corridor surfaces that can be used in your final takeoff Models.

The whole process takes just a few minutes

Video shows you how

For the sideslopes - I would create a foreslope instruction at 2:1 for 1’ down to the base of the ditch using the Slope to elevation type instruction (for both the cut and fill scenario) and then I would create a fill side slope at 2:1 down to OG and a cut slope at 2:1 up to OG for the cut scenario using the side slope instruction type.

Hope it helps


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