Creating an RFI Drawing For a Revised Pipe Alignment

This question came up this week - How do I create a drawing for an RFI submission for a pipe realignment at a Water Treatment Plan project?

In the video we show the following

How to import the linework for the current design and realignment of the pipe
How to import and georeference an image of a PDF page of the existing Pipe Profile
How to elevate the revised pipe linework to match design elevations of the original pipe
How to convert the 3D line into an alignment so we can cut a profile drawing
Cutting a profile along the pipe centerline
Extending the pipe profile to show the top of pipe and wall features
How to annotate the invert elevations with leader lines and callout text
How to create a drawing frame for a plot sheet
How to import a drawing template and lay out the profile drawing on a Custom 11x17 sheet
Using a Dynaview to create the Profile Drawing on a drawing sheet
How to create a grid style and use it to grid the profile drawing
How to create a plan view drawing frame for a plot sheet
Using a Dynaview to create the Plan Drawing on the drawing sheet
How to add Project Name and Company Details to the drawing sheet
Naming and saving the project and updating the drawing sheet with Project details
Printing the drawing sheet to a PDF file for submission purposes.

Hope that this is helpful - we started this process with an almost blank template so that we could show how to build this from scratch, however if you have a great project template you can eliminate a lot of steps in this process. It is all about the setup.