Crop Crossing Lines

Crop Crossing Lines is a much waited upon TML that I love to use. One enhancement that I would like to see would be the option to put all of the selected lines on a different layer instead of just erasing them. Often I will want to create my own contours along a road surface I built, and check against the ones from the CAD. I can’t do that if they have all been deleted.

You mean the parts that are being deleted right?

Just break them out and put them on a target layer?

As an option I assume - we are all about settings and options …

Is there a need in other tools to put stuff we would otherwise delete in like a waste or recycling bin layer that is turned off but available so everything that you delete or crop or trim etc. You hit CTRLR or similar to recycle and commands do it automatically and then you can empty the recycle layer periodically or delete parts manually. If we did that and added some attributes to the deleted parts that could be queried if you wanted to know its original layer or color etc.

Maybe we should have the recycle layer as an RPS setting and then create a recycle command to move selected data to that layer and then add the feature into commands to auto recycle deleted components

Let me know what you think



I never really thought about a recycle bin, but that could be very handy. I usually just try not to actually delete anything, just put it on a layer I will not use for the model. I have a layer called CLIP CONTOURS that I place all of my clipped contours on in case I need them for quality control. It has helped me to show a design engineer that his contours were not even close to his profile, so where is the error? At least the option to move the clipped lines to a layer, but I think a recycle bin is intriguing.

What I end up doing is once I have the contours elevated and cleaned up, I export them out and reimport them putting them on a newer layer. I then do my data prep on the imported set of contours. This allows me to then reference back the original contours if I need anything.

I am intrigued by the recycle bin idea, just curious if this could bloat large data sets.

There is a TML I recently saw where you can copy layers from a group and copy them to another group. I did not actually pick on the command just saw the tab for it. This I may use if it’s a Trimble TML, as I draft all my road lines and copy each individual item to its own layer. Sometimes to another group.

Yes! Recycle bin is a cool idea. This is basically what I do with every new project. I import their data, then assign name, color, and linetype by layer, then I run standardize and place everything on the layers I want and all the junk goes on layer 00. Then as I’m working and find more junk that I don’t need I select it and change layer to 00. It would be very nice to have a quick keyboard command that just moves it to a chosen layer or recycle bin. Bonus points for being able to go to the recycle bin, filter objects by where/when they were deleted from, and restore selected objects.

As I’m typing this out I’m thinking maybe this recycle bin could be its own type of view filter. When you recycle something from say layer “Proposed Contours” the recycled objects get placed on a new layer “Proposed Contours-Recycled” and the recycled layer does not show up in the layer manager unless your current view filter is set to the Recycle Bin. And none of the objects on any of the recycle bin layers are selectable in any way from any other command unless the current view filter is the recycle bin, that way you don’t accidently select junk.

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Wow, this is a good idea! Assuming it would move any associated layer to the unassigned category also? Sometimes it would be that way by default, but sometimes maybe not?

Would it also help the project cleanup command by helping cleanout unnecessary items?

It would be neat to have it’s own type of view filter, so you can quickly work within your layers and go back to this other group without having to show/hide, show /hide individual layers.