VPI's - Mass Delete

I would like to be able to highlight several VPI’s at once and delete them. Engineers send files with dozens, sometimes hundreds of unnecessary VPI’s and it would be great to be able to isolate them, similar to a layer and click and drag a box over them to highlight them and delete them. Would appreciate your thoughts.


Horizontal nodes (vertices) or actual VPIs?

Project Cleanup command gets rid of un-necessary vertices pretty efficiently but be careful as it’s a pretty powerful function and will screw your project up quickly.

Since this is a need primarily to reduce the number of nodes in contours where they were provided as 3D polylines or 3D cad lines - the vertical nodes should all be at the same places as the horizontal nodes of the lines as autocad doesn’t have a way to separate them like TBC does - so running project cleanup on contours should reduce the nodes on eg straight sections to just the ends of the section (straight) and that should eliminate the VPIs as well.

If you have VPIs on a linestring in TBC that are not at the same location as a horizontal node then TBC must have created those and they are not from the source cad file. If you need to clean those up - tbat is a slightly different issue


Wouldn’t that then be a use case for Adjust LS Elevations?

Absolutely the case Richard - I recorded this video yesterday on that subject

Video Link

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