Custom Mass haul region names

Is there a way to get a mass haul to use the names of the polygons that are being used for the zones instead of the default Zone 1, Zone 2… etc? I have a road corridor broken up into 100m sections for earthworks purposes. These are appropriately named as “Alignment- From CH - To Ch” (eg MCN1 - 100 to 200) for ease of reference. It would be good to carry these names through into the mass haul analysis.

For the earthworks report you can do that and we have just made a change to the way the boundaries are used to make that easier / better (for a future release). If you define the Boundaries using Boundary Objects and give them a Name - the Names will be used for the Spreadsheet Tabs in the Excel Output report.

But for Corridor Mass haul the Haul Zones are computed based on all the settings that are in play like Haul Distances and Cost Metrics and Haul Road Entry / Exit Points and Locations of Waste and Borrow Sites - they are not fixed at all and will resize and reposition based on the settings that you apply - for example if you say a Dozer can push Dirt 100m then the Cut and Fill Zones supported by Dozer push would be 100m Max size, but if you change that to 125m that changes to Max 125m etc. So the naming of the Zones has to be automated.

The naming for the zones of a Corridor Mass Haul could potentially be improved to use the Alignment and Station From To (rounded to nearest meter or something) if that was better - but it does report the From and To station in the Reports for the Cut and Fill Zones today and it tags the zones with the Type of Haul (Dozer Push, Scraper Haul etc.) as well.

What is your use case for the different names - is it Reporting or some other downstream use case using VisionLink or something else like Siteworks or Machine Control or TILOS etc?

Thanks for the question - Sorry to answer with more questions


Let me know what you think here and I will discuss it internally and with others out there using Mass Haul to see if there is a consensus

Hi Alan

I am running quantities over a number of interchanges and intersections so the corridor mass haul option is not the optimum solution. I have broken the area into 100m blocks along the various alignments and named them accordingly. On the one section I have 181 “zones” so when I plot out the mass haul analysis its not an easy job to cross reference my boundary names to the Zone names in the mass haul report.

The reason for the different names is that the bid I am working on is also broken down into 9 cost centres too as per the clients request so my boundary names also reference to this.

I hope this makes sense? If not I can send through a VCL of what I am working with for clarity.