Mass Haul Visual Report / Drawing

Would it be possible to create a visual mass haul drawing showing where the material has been used and hauled

Long plot :- Plan & Profile View

I second this. Also still wanting a mass haul report (I know I know it’s not nice to copy) something like Agtek’s mass haul report. Fast quick report without all the mass haul steps

It would be possible for sure - it is just time and resources Gavin

What are you generating this from - The mass haul reports or the earthwork report

Frank - The Agtek report is not really a mass haul report - it is showing you where the volumes are not how to move them - if you don’t want to compute how to move the volumes in the most optimal manner then you don’t need to do the mass haul steps you can show the Mass Ordinates only for a Mass Haul without doing any extra steps.

Gavin - you can plot the mass haul diagram if you need to do that will allow you to plot the mass ordinate lines with or without the balance line computations - they are not blocks like your diagram (granted) nor are they stacked like your diagram - that would have to be a custom report to get it to look similar to what you are doing - or run the reports and then build excel charts like you are doing.

I believe that you can create Charts in an Excel Sheet generated as an XLS output so I guess it would be possible to write the Mass Haul Data into a spreadsheet with formatting and embedded charts - I would prefer that approach to generating the report required. We can look at that work as a part of what we have been discussing if needed.