Cut Fill Map / Over Excavation outside the design footprint

Is there an easy way of creating a cut/fill map of only the over-excavation / additional fill outside the bulk earthworks design footprint?

The client would like a cut fill map of just the over excavated materials

I would like the design to be blank internally at the cut/fill daylights and the external to be solid with cut fill labels.

The only way I can think of doing this is by merging serval data set’s using keep minimum.

The problem I’m running into is that the design has been built incorrectly in place by 2m?

  1. large data sets taking hours to merge
  2. run cut fill maps on large data sets
  3. the team did not do any survey on the project, so the data is a mixture of data sets to form a surface
  4. team keeps changing the hierarchy of the data sets
  5. client wants to surface to surface volume within the design qty boundary

Is there any to merge 2 cut fill maps, to cut a hole if values are the same

We need to discuss this one Gavin to make sure I understand the need fully here