Colour mapping on a cut fill surface

Is there a way when mapping colours on a cut / fill map to only colour the areas in cut? I have customised the colour mapping table to only values below zero but it still colours all the fill areas with the first colour listed?

If you build a color map .tcf file like the one enclosed you can use White for the Fill range (255,255,255 RGB) and then red depth colors for Cut Ranges and it will generate an output like this

Here is the TCF file I created that does minus 10’ Cut to +10’ Fill but all the fill ranges are set to White

Looks like it does the job

Takeoff Cut Fill Map - Minus 10 Cuts Only.tcf (2.1 KB)

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Thanks Alan, that did the trick.

Good to hear Bruce, the color maps are pretty flexible and good when you know how to create them. I have a calculator spreadsheet you can use to calculate them if needed.

Click Here to download

Thanks Alan, that’s a handy spreadsheet. I have another question but I’ll put in the forum under a new topic.

Very useful. Just needed this myself.

Can you control the labeling as well? I have a CF that shows ledge removal and I just want to show the grid text where there are cuts. This would help clean up the plan.

Only way is to limit the area of the Isopach for the CF Mapwith a Boundary and add it to the Isopach Surface - that will cut down the extents of the surface and eliminate the labels


Good call. I just used the create linestring at surface intersection to create boundary lines that I could then add to the CF surface. Some need more manipulation than others, especially around my trench surfcaes, but it helps in a pinch if you need to clean this up.