Drill Planning and Reporting Module Review

Drill Planning & Reporting

The following series of videos cover the TBC Drill Planning Module and how to use it. The Drill Planning module was developed for use with the Trimble DPS900 / Groundworks system for Drill and Blast operations. The module develops drill plans in 3D that can be used for any drilling system (through use of the export to IREDES format) or for Trimble systems using the VCL file format. The process includes the generation of the Drill Plan, the execution of Drilling and recording of AsBuilt data on the machine and the backend Quality Reporting process that allows the actual drill holes to be automatically compared and reported against the design drill pattern.

Drill Planning Theory

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Creating a Drill Plan - Grid Method

Creating a Drill Plan - Boundary Method

Advance Drill Plan Features

Creating a Drill Plan - Corridor Method

Creating a Drill Plan - Manual Method

Creating a Drill Plan - Reference Line Method

Creating a Drill Plan for a Pipe / Utility Trench

Drill Plan Quality Reporting