Pavement Reporting For Runways

I had this question come in this morning relating to creating a report for Runway resurfacing work. The requirement is to generate a grid report like that shown below where the runway was measured on a 25x25’ grid along the centerline of the runway and offsets to the centerline across the runway.

The client reporting needs were to have a data line for Finished Grade and Milled Surface that shows the elevations at each Station and Offset point and to show the DZ values between Finished Grade and Milled Surface elevations.

While TBC nor RPSs have a specific report to achieve this directly today, with use of Excel from a Point Details Report you can create a Pivot Table that does almost exactly what the client needs, and with a little modification from the Pivot Table you can achieve the desired result - this for sure is far easier than manual data entry into Excel of all of the values for an entire runway model.

The process utilizes the RPS Point Details Report and then Excel tools to generate the desired report output.

Video shows you how.